Briquette Coal Production Process:

High quality (7200 Kcal/Kg) imported Russian lignite powders are transferred to production through bunkers and conveyor belts. At one point during this process, slaked powder lime and molasses are added with the help of electronic dosing unit and the mixture is transferred to the mixer. The mixture is carried along the press machine under 200 bar pressure. The conveyor belt under the press machine carries approximately 140 gr/piece sized briquette coals to the griddle unit and then to the packing bunker. Briquette coals are launched to the market after being packed in 25 kg laminated bags in the load-cell controlled serial packing unit with 150 tons/hour capacity.

Atakaş Kömür San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. opened a new branch in Kocaeli-Gebze district in 2004 and established a new coal production brand; “CEMRE”. This way, Atakaş doubled its capacity and became Turkey’s largest briquette coal producer. A second production line was added in the Payas Industrial Park factory site to increase capacity. Currently, the factory has an annual capacity of 675.000 tons/year.

“YEŞİLKOR” and “CEMRE” branded briquette coals have TSE 12055 1. Grade Declaration of Conformity and are the first brands to receive this certificate in Turkey.

Production Capacity
675.000 tons/year
Loading Capacity
150 tons/hour
Total Factory Area (Payas)
29.000 m2
Total Factory Area (Gebze)
15.000 m2